7 Best Tips to Level Up your Masturbation Game for Mind-Blowing Pleasure

7 Best Tips to Level Up your Masturbation Game for Mind-Blowing Pleasure

Ladies and vulva-owners, if you're looking to take your solo play to new heights of ecstasy, you've come to the right place
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Masturbation is the playground where you can experiment, innovate, and create your own pleasure paradise. It's like being the mad scientist of your own pleasure laboratory, concocting the perfect combination of touch, pressure, and rhythm that sends you skyrocketing to orgasmic bliss. 

For those new to masturbation, it can often be a daunting challenge - things we see on TV often don’t add up in real life. For those who’ve been at it for a while, it can get a bit repetitive and boring.

The thing is, the more mindful your exploration, and the more you’re able to dismantle the shame we’re too often conditioned to feel around the act, the more pleasure and self-discovery you are likely to experience. Whether you've never masturbated before and are curious to try or you’re a seasoned solo explorer but want to introspect on how you could elevate your experience,  this guide is for you. 


Before bestowing you with handy tips for masturbation, here’s a quick rundown on the many pathways that lead to orgasms for people with vulvas:

The Clit: With thousands of nerve endings, the clitoris is a surefire route to orgasmic bliss for most vulvas. 

The Vagina: Stimulating the walls of your vagina, particularly the upper wall or “G-zone” can feel enjoyable for many as well.  

Blended Orgasms: Combine clitoral and vaginal stimulation in perfect harmony, to achieve earth-shattering orgasms. Whether with hands or with toys, the clit + G-zone combo is often a favorite.

Erogenous Exploration: Don't underestimate the power of other erogenous zones. For example, you could stimulate your breasts and nipples, or caress your body and skin, wherever it feels sensual, using a massage oil for even more pleasure. 

Now, let’s talk about all the ways you can boost your masturbation:

TIP #1: SET THE MOOD: Treat yourself like the star you are 
Sure, masturbating in a dark room, with no frills and thrills, can get the job done. But for a truly fantastic session of self-care, we recommend you set the mood. Bid farewell to harsh fluorescent lights and embrace the soft, warm glow of candles.

Scented candles, incense, or aromatic oils can awaken the senses and enhance feelings of relaxation. Vanilla, jasmine, lavender, and the seductive musk of sandalwood are some of our favourites to enhance mood and elevate the olfactory experience.

Play some music if you like! Whether it's slow, seductive melodies or upbeat and playful tracks, a self-love playlist is always a good idea. You can check out our Pyaari playlist that we’ve created for exactly this purpose: Click here to hear it!

The stage is now set for a spectacular solo performance by you, the star of your own show!

TIP #2: TRY PLEASURE MAPPING: Learn what feels good for you 
In a nutshell, pleasure mapping is a helpful sensual process that allows you to mindfully explore your body and the ways you feel pleasure. Simply block a dedicated amount of time (we recommend you start with 30 mins), to really explore your whole body, slowly, and lovingly. You might know that your clit is a sure-fire way to get you sexually-aroused, but what about the tingly sensation you feel when you tickle the nape of your neck or the backs of your knees? How do different types of strokes, tickles, caresses, and pressures feel against different erogenous zones? How does each movement make you feel? Take stock of what turns you on by touching yourself and exploring your arousal in a thoughtful, unrushed, and joyful way, during this session. 

TIP #3: LUBE IT UP: Enjoy slip-and-slide fun
Lube is the unsung hero that can take your pleasure to uncharted heights. Why should you use lube for masturbation, you ask? Well, it's all about smooth sailing. Lubricants can eliminate  discomfort, reduce excessive or painful friction, and soothe dry spells that may occur. 

No matter your gender, lube is like a personal pleasure assistant that’s here to make your good times so much smoother and more luscious and slidely-glidey. It assists in any type of stimulation, whether you're getting intimate with bae, or simply revelling in the pleasure of your own touch. Whether it's water-based, silicone-based, oil-based or a hybrid blend, find a lube that suits your needs and use it liberally!

TIP #4: GET A TOY: Pick a pleasure tool for yourself
Adding a sex toy into the mix is an absolute game-changer. Firstly, let's talk about variety. From classic vibrators to cutting edge clitoral suction stimulators, these ingenious devices offer sensations that your fingers alone  simply cannot replicate. Secondly, their ability to offer you the exact speed and consistency of stimulation you like, over exactly the duration you desire, makes orgasms virtually guaranteed. These toys have a knack for dialing up the pleasure volume to eleven. They're loyal companions that exist to deliver joy, and can help you get to know your own body and arousal better. Happy playing!

TIP #5: FANTASIZE: Use your mind to turn yourself on 
Fantasy is a powerful tool when it comes to masturbation. It transports you to extraordinary realms of pleasure and ignites your senses. Within the realm of fantasy, you can imagine yourself in exciting scenarios and explore your deepest desires, without judgment. It adds anticipation and excitement to your solo adventures, revving up your arousal and pleasure. As your mind weaves intricate stories of desire, your physical pleasure intensifies. Embrace fantasy as a safe and liberating space, where there is no judgment or shame, and you are free to come as you are!

TIP #6: CHECK OUT EDGING: Build a whole lot of anticipation
Edging is a technique that involves bringing yourself close to the brink of orgasm but  then pausing to build up tension before resuming stimulation – and repeating this process a few times, before actually having an orgasm.  It can be enjoyed by people of all genders. Edging allows you to prolong play time, and often results in a more intense final climax!

One of the key advantages of edging is the element of delayed gratification. It allows you to prolong the journey to orgasm, increasing the anticipation and intensifying the eventual release. In addition to the physical aspects, edging promotes self-discovery and self-awareness. It allows you to explore your body's unique rhythms and responses, helping you identify the precise techniques, strokes, and moments that bring you the most pleasure. 

TIP #7: GET CREATIVE: Level up your masturbation game 
Envision yourself as a pleasure artist, and get creative with how you masturbate. For example, bring a mirror to your self-love sesh. Not only will you get to see yourself intimately, but you’ll be able to marvel at yourself in all glory. Or get yourself some ice-cubes from the freezer for some temperature play. Rub them around different body parts such as your breasts or neck or clitoris, and see what you feel. If you’re curious about anal play, you could  experiment with some gentle butt stuff on your own, using your finger and some lube to explore the region, if that’s something you haven’t explored before. Your body is your wonderland, and you can have fun anyway you like!

From embracing self-love to exploring edging, to incorporating toys, there are a lot of ways to level up your masturbation game. Remember, it’s also the journey, not just the destination that matters. Revel in the exquisite pleasure that every moment brings during your solo playtime. Stay curious, stay blissful , and above all, be kind and loving to yourself!