Pyaari Massager
Pyaari Massager
Pyaari Massager
Pyaari Massager
Leezus Pyaari Massager
Leezus Pyaari Massager
Leezus Pyaari Massager
Leezus Pyaari Massager
Leezus Pyaari Massager
Leezus Pyaari Massager

Pyaari Massager Our iconic massager offering both suction and vibration

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⭐ Get Self-love oil FREE with Pyaari! 😍

Pyaari offers two types of delightful stimulation – the pink suction end, AND the twin turquoise vibration ends, as well as a multitude of speeds and patterns. Trust us when we say that Pyaari is here to rock your world!

Made of soft, body-safe silicone, Pyaari is rechargeable, and comes in a beautiful box, along with its charging cord and a cute satin storage pouch. Get ready to be swept off your feet! (PS. Pyaari feels even better with our Coconut Self Love Oil!)

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Leeza!!!!! How am I ever gonna live without Pyaari???🥹💖

Verified Buyer



Today I got my pyaari delivered, and I started exploring the wonders she could bring in my life. 😍 Let me tell you, she DID NOT disappoint

Verified Buyer


Had my first O

In my 28 years of life, I've never experienced this feeling before as I have with pyaari, in just a few mins 😁

Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

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I had purchased pyaari for my wife as we try to explore differently.She was so overwhelmed that she and I have no words to describe it.,The satisfaction on her face was unbelievable.I hope she doesnt forget me after this (LOL).Jokes apart,one of the best experiences we have had in our sex life journey. Having said that,just want to let you know that we are 48-50 years young.(in case u publish it anywhere,request you to not disclose the identity please)
Thank you once again,Lezza

abha A.
Mind blowing

Pyari is my first ever boyfriend in bed. And its so intense and so good that I was swollen the whole day one the first day I used it..

Game Changer!!!

This is the best investment I’ve ever made this year. Before Pyaari, I could literally count the number of times I got an orgasm and sadly I’m in my mid-30s. This has been a complete game changer, it blows my mind like literally and I’m hooked like a teenager. I recommended this to all my girls!!

Suranjana D.

Pyaari Massager

So f*****g good!

As a woman who has never been able to orgasm during sex, this was a game changer. Don’t let the size of the toy fool you, the vibrations are so strong, you’ll experience a fkn tsunami! Can’t wait to use it with my boyfriend, he’s so excited! I am going to suggest this to all my girlfriends, this is 100x better than other toys I have. Too good, worth every single rupee! Need more toys from leezus!!

Pyaari: A Massager Product by Leezus Revolutionising Female Personal Care 

Are you ready to experience a whole new level of delightful stimulation? If yes, say hello to our suction + vibration external massager; Pyaari! 

This versatile device offers not just one, but two types of sensations - the pink suction end and the twin blue vibration ends. This compact handheld massager has multiple speeds and patterns for you to explore.It’s designed to rock your world!

Our intimate massager is made from soft, body-safe silicone that will facilitate a pleasurable and comfortable experience every single time. It comes beautifully packaged in a box, complete with a charging cord and a cute satin storage pouch. Pyaari became a viral sensation when it launched and has rapidly become India’s favourite massager, because its a game-changer for your solo and shared intimate adventures. You can pair Pyaari with our Coconut Self Love Oil or Water-based Love Jelly,  for pure ecstasy!

Pyaari: Features And Benefits

The iconic Pyaari personal massager from Leezu’s has the following characteristics:

Dual Action 

Our female personal body massager offers dual action:  you can try out and experience both suction and vibration on the external sweet spot with Pyaari, for intense pleasure and satisfaction.


Easy To Controls


Pyaari has easy-to-use and intuitive controls that make operating the massager a breeze. 


Multiple Modes


Pyaari is one of the best silicone massagers that offers a variety of sensations such as 5 suction modes and 10 vibration modes, so that you can customise your experience as per your preferences.


Long Run Time


Pyaari has a 2-hour run time, so that you can enjoy extended sessions of pleasure without interruptions.




The IPX6 water resistance rating makes this intimate massager shower-friendly. Yup, you can enjoy exciting and playful shower-time fun. It’s also washable and easy to clean!


Body-Safe Material


Pyaari is crafted from 100% body-safe silicone, so that you have a beautiful, smooth, comfortable, and safe experience for your intimate needs.

Why Leezu’s?

Leezu's is anchored to the idea of embracing pleasure and wellness with open arms! Through our range of intimate wellness and pleasure products for both men and women, we strive to evoke delight, foster self-discovery, and make every moment a celebration of joy and satisfaction. 

We want to empower people to have positive bedroom experiences by dismantling shame and providing the education and tools to enable self discovery, authenticity, and joy. So come along with us and give intimate wellness a wholehearted embrace! ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions On Pyaari


Are vibrating massagers safe?


Yes. Leezus vibrating massagers are totally safe and body friendly. 


What is a female body massager called?


A female body massager is often called a vibrator.


What is Pyaari personal massager used for?


Our suction massager can be used for self stimulation or intimate partner sessions.  


Is it OK to use a body massager?


Yes. It is absolutely okay and safe to use a  body massager. 


Who should not use a massager?  


Anyone can give Pyaari a try and if the sensations seem pleasurable, you can go ahead and use it whenever and however you want. 


How do you stimulate down there with Pyaari?


You can experiment with Pyaari’s suction and vibration ends one at a time as well as explore the different modes and speeds on offer on each end, both of which are for external clitoral simulation. It is advisable to start slow and gradually increase the speed or intensity. Try using Pyaari with our coconut self love oil or water based love jelly for an enhanced experience. 


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