7 Ways to Bring Back Sex Drive After Pregnancy

Hello Mummas & Papas!

Loving the parenthood stage? Isn’t it a beautiful ride? 

Yeah! Yeah! We know it’s not an easy slide, but a rollercoaster with lots of laughter, cries, and screams. 

But aren’t some screams music to ears? Nah! We aren’t talking about your baby’s screams, but your midnight screams. ;)

Must have forgotten about it, right? Don’t worry, we are here to remind you of your wild side before the baby. 

Read the blog till the end to get six-sexy tips on how to make your post-delivery sex life the same as before! Even better! 

A Complete Lowdown Of How To Experiment With Post Delivery Sex

To enjoy sex after delivery to the fullest, you should keep in mind the following things.

1. Understanding The Changes

Sex after delivery is not going to be the same, but it can always be better! Know how to embrace the post pregnancy changes in your sex life by taking care of the following things: 

  • Physical changes post-pregnancy

Stretch Marks! Heavy-saggy Breasts! Curves of your belly! 

Look at them. No! Don’t look down upon them. Look at them with pride. 

They are telling the story of strength your body holds and its capability to give birth to a new life. Why would you or your partner not love them? Let your partner explore every inch of your newfound marks and curves in bed and make love to them because your body deserves it for all it gives to you.  

  • Hormonal fluctuations and their effects on libido

Hormones – are like those pesky little ninjas that can wreak havoc on your mojo! We understand that your libido might be missing in action for a while, but don’t worry, you will get there. So, dim those lights, put on some sensual music, and have a hearty laugh about your hormonal escapades and turn that laughter into a natural aphrodisiac!

  • Emotional changes and their impact on intimacy

One minute you might be overflowing with love and the next you can’t stand someone even breathing next to you. Yes, only we know that this is not an exaggeration!

In such cases, distance will bring you closer. It’s okay to distance yourself from your partner if you’re going through such emotional turmoil, but explain it to them. Don’t keep them guessing or don’t expect your partner to assume what’s going on in your mind. Remember, this is as new for them as it is for you. Nurturing your physical and emotional bond is the secret sauce to keeping the flame burning bright in the bedroom and otherwise!

2. Communication is Sexy

Alright, lovebirds, let's talk about the cardinal rule of keeping the flame alive – communication! You and your partner must sit down for a heart-to-heart to pave the way for an understanding bond and a sizzling intimate relationship!

  • Discussing expectations and concerns

Discussing your expectations and concerns can work like a GPS for your love journey. Lay it all out on the table, talk about your wildest fantasies to your deepest fears. Trust us, once you talk it out, the magic will unfold!

3. Physical Recovery

Your body has been through a lot, so give yourself time to heal with love and patience. 

  • Give Yourself Time To Heal

From bleeding to soreness, it's all a part of the post-delivery process. So listen to your body and take it one step at a time.

  • Doctor's advice on resuming sexual activity

Always keep your doctor in the loop if you are thinking about post delivery sex.  Once your doctor gives you the green light, it's safe to get intimate again. Also, make sure that you communicate your inhibitions with your partner to make intimacy joyful and seamless.

  • Exercises and techniques to strengthen pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles can lose their strength post delivery and there are a number of exercises such as Kegels and pelvic tilts, that can help you bounce back stronger than ever. So, grab your yoga mat ladies and flex those pelvic muscles like a boss 🌟

4. Addressing Concerns and Challenges

Sex after delivery can come with a number of challenges such as:

  • Pain or discomfort during intercourse

Pain or discomfort during intercourse after delivery can be a real deal breaker for many couples. It is important to openly communicate with your partner and seek advice from your healthcare provider if needed.

5. Taking Things Slow

It’s time to slow things down and relish the journey of intimacy. Here is how you can do it:

  • Exploring alternative forms of intimacy

Who says intimacy is confined to the bedroom? You can explore other forms of closeness, such as sharing a heartfelt conversation over a cup of coffee, taking a stroll hand in hand, or simply cuddling up on the couch for a romantic movie night. If you aren’t up for intercourse after delivery, you can get frisky with the help of some of the best sex toys in India such as clitoral stimulators from Leezus. There are so many ways to cultivate intimacy in a relationship to create lasting memories together.

  • Rediscovering pleasure together

Intimate pleasure adds sweetness to our lives and couples must explore ways to experience pleasure together especially when it comes stoned after delivery. Try out body massagers or personal massagers for men for that extra spark or simply dance under the stars to enjoy each other's presence. This will kindle passion and reignite that intimate flame of love.

6. Seeking Professional Help

Navigating post delivery sex can feel like stepping into an unknown territory and it is completely normal to have inhibitions. To alleviate your dilemmas, seeking support from a therapist or a healthcare provider can make a huge difference! The right guidance and resources can help you sail through this new phase with confidence and closeness!

7. Incorporating Intimacy into Daily Life

In the whirlwind of your parenthood, finding moments of intimacy can feel like a dream, but some spontaneity and creativity can float your boat. Enjoy stealing quick kisses in the kitchen or simply exchange flirty texts throughout the day!  These small gestures will keep the flame burning bright. 

And when it comes to post-delivery sex, don't hesitate to try out intimate toys for men and women. These adult toys and kindle the spark in your relationship.

Bottom Line

After surviving the rollercoaster post-pregnancy, we hope you enjoyed  this intimacy advice! While experimenting with sex after pregnancy, it's okay to take it slow, and communicate openly with your partner. From sneaking in a quick cuddle between diaper changes to planning a romantic evening after baby’s bedtime, the key is to look for what works best for you. To that end, Leezus intimate wellness toys can help you enjoy this wild journey with love and confidence. 🍼💕

Frequently Asked Questions On Sex After Pregnancy

  • After the baby is born, how soon can I have sex?

To resume sex after delivery, you must take a go-ahead from your gynaecologist. Once he/she permits, it is safe to go on with post delivery sex at your pace. 

  • How will it feel to have sex after delivery?

With the right guidance, open communication and support from your partner, sex after delivery will feel pleasurable and wholesome. 

  • Is it safe for breastfeeding?

Engaging in post-delivery sex while breastfeeding, is safe once you feel physically and emotionally ready for the same

  • Does it support my birth spacing plan?

You can discuss your birth spacing plan with your doctor and choose  contraceptive methods that are compatible with your overall health.