What Is The G-Spot & How To Find It: A Beginner's Guide

Before we get into the details, it's crucial to dispel a common myth: the G spot isn't some mystical, orgasm-inducing button waiting to be pressed. It's more nuanced than that. So, what exactly is the G spot, and why does it captivate our curiosity? Join us as we delve into the fundamentals of the G spot and explore how understanding it can enhance pleasure and intimacy in this beginner's guide to G spot orgasms.

What Is The G-Spot? Why is it called G-Spot?

Have you ever wondered what “G” in the G-spot stands for? Well, it’s called Gräfenberg spot. It’s named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a doctor credited with "discovering" it in 1950, and is an area inside the vagina that can create incredible sensations when stimulated. 

So where exactly is this mysterious spot? You might be surprised to know that the position varies from person to person. Some might find it feels good when stimulated higher up along the anterior vaginal wall, while others might find it closer to the vaginal opening. Because guess what, it's not a magic bump, button, or gland to look for, but rather, simply an erogenous zone. 

Time for a quick anatomy lesson:

If you follow this blog, you already know how central to female pleasure the clitoris is. The interior parts of the clitoris (superimposed onto the vulva in the diagram above so you can get a sense of its internal position) straddle the vaginal canal, and its also in very close proximity to the urethra, making the entire region very sensitive. Here's how it's all arrached:

More contemporary researchers have therefore suggested renaming the G-Spot the "clito-urethro-vaginal complex" (CUV) and while that sure is a mouthful to say, it get's closer to the anatomical reality than the very mysterious sounding term "G-Spot"

Generally speaking, it is located about 2–3 centimetres inside the vagina, along the upper wall. Interestingly, pressing on this area can sometimes make you feel like you need to pee, because it’s located in close proximity to the urethra and bladder.

If you haven’t explored this region yet, keep exploring and experimenting with different techniques, and enjoy the journey all along the way! 😉

How To Find Your G-Spot During Solo Play

Discovering the G-spot through self-exploration is often easier than with a partner. Once you've found it on your own, you can guide your partner to it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to finding your sweet spot.

Prepare and Relax: Create a comfortable environment. Use a water-based lubricant to enhance comfort and sensitivity. G- Spot stimulation feels more pleasurable when you’re aroused. So, dim the lights, light some candles, or indulge in a bubble bath; whatever gets you in the mood.

Explore with Your Fingers: Insert one or two fingers into your vagina and gently curl them upward toward the front wall. The G-spot may feel like a small, firm area that responds to pressure and stimulation.

Experiment with Stimulation: Try different techniques such as a "come hither" motion or gentle pulsating movements. Pay attention to what feels pleasurable and adjust your movements accordingly.

Consider Using Sex Toys: G-spot-specific toys, like curved dildos or vibrators, can provide targeted stimulation. Explore different sizes and shapes to find what works best for you. Jaadugar from Leezu's is an excellent choice

Practice Patience: Enjoying G-spot stimulation may take time and practice. Relax, enjoy the exploration, and focus on your own sensations rather than achieving a specific outcome.

How To Have A G Spot Orgasm With A Partner

Experiencing a G-spot orgasm with your partner can be a fulfilling and intimate experience. You can use internal sex toys, fingers or different sex positions to hit the spot. Here are 3 positions that can help you achieve g spot stimulation. 

  • Cowgirl

The "cowgirl" is a classic for a reason! You can have your partner lie on their back while you climb on top and straddle them. This gives you total control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration. Feel free to experiment with different speeds and angles to hit that G-spot magic. 

  • Doggy Style

Doggy style is a fantastic way to achieve deeper penetration and hit your G-spot. Start on your hands and knees with your partner behind you. You can tweak the angle by leaning down on your forearms or pushing your hips back until you find that sweet spot. Want to switch it up? Try lying flat on your stomach with your legs hanging off the bed’s edge while your partner stands and penetrates from behind. Talk about hitting new heights!

  • Closed Missionary Position

Think missionary is boring? Think again! This twist on the classic allows for increased friction against your G Spot for maximum pleasure. Start with the classic missionary position before closing your legs together for an intense squeeze. 

Best Sex Toys To Have A G Spot Orgasm With

Ready to dive into the world of G-spot stimulation and take those already delicious sensations up a notch? Let's talk sex toys! With so many options out there designed to hit that sweet spot, you're bound to find something that drives you wild. 

Whether solo or during partnered play, sex toys can help in hitting all the right spots while taking your sexual pleasure to another level! You can experience new and different sensations with different types of sex toys. Here are some of our all-time faves from Leezu’s that are sure to level up your pleasure game:


Jaadugar is India’s best-selling vibrator for a reason! With its 10 vibration modes and beautiful handle for easy manoeuvring, it qualifies as one of the best sex toys for G-spot stimulation. Its sleek design is flexible, silky-smooth silicone ensures a luxurious, indulgent experience every single time. Get ready to enchant every inch of you with its powerful, waterproof and versatile features. 


Want to take your pleasure to the next level with some dual stimulation action? Natkhat offers the best of both worlds; external clitoral stimulation and internal G-spot magic all at once! Plus, it's remote-controlled, so you or your partner can take charge of your pleasure.

Bottom Line

Alright, pleasure explorers, we hope you enjoyed this journey to unravel the mystery of the G-spot. Now, the journey is yours to uncover, whether you go solo or invite a partner along for the adventure. So, relax yourself, get those sex toys from Leezu’s out and about to get set for some sensational discoveries. 

Frequently Asked Questions On G-Spot

Do men have G-Spots?

Absolutely! However, it is not called the G-spot but the P-spot, which stands for the prostate. This little guy can deliver big pleasure when stimulated. 

Can everyone have a G Spot orgasm?

Some individuals experience instant arousal and achieve orgasms through G-spot stimulation, while others find clitoral stimulation more stimulating and do not experience G-spot orgasms. Both experiences are completely normal and vary from person to person.

Can I use sex toys with my partner to experience a G-Spot orgasm?

Yes, why not? Sharing is caring, after all! Choose your favourite adult toys from Leezu’s and go all out! 

Can one orgasm without G-Spot stimulation?

Many people can orgasm without stimulating the G-spot. There are several other ways to achieve orgasm, like clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, vaginal stimulation, oral sex etc.