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20 Best Sex Books To Read To Improve Your Relationship

Hello thrill-seekers and pleasure explorers! If you've found yourself here, it's safe to assume you're ready to take your relationship to new, exhilarating heights. And what better way to embark on this thrilling journey than by delving into the tantalising pages of some of the hottest, most eye-opening books out there?


Welcome to the wild world of intimacy! Arm yourself with the finest sex essentials by your side - a stack of sizzling books that promise to unlock the mysteries of connection, intimacy, and pleasure. From thought-provoking to downright steamy, these sexology books are your ticket to a world of boundless passion and a deeper understanding of the carnal arts.


So, buckle up and get ready to immerse yourself in our handpicked selection of the 20 Best Sex Books that are guaranteed to unleash your inner explorer and take your relationship to sizzling new heights. Each of these gems promises intriguing and informative scholarly insights into the world of sexology and will leave you with knowledge that is sure to ignite electrifying sparks in your relationship. Let the adventure begin!


2024 List of 20 Best About Sexology To Read


Here is a list of 20 recommended best books for relationships and sexology to explore and read in 2024:


  • "Come As You Are - The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life" by Emily Nagoski


This book explores the science of sex and offers empowering information to improve sexual desires and satisfaction. It majorly focuses on debunking widely-believed myths.


  • “The Sex Book” by Leeza Mangaldas


"The Sex Book" by Leeza Mangaldas is a guide for all things sex. From discussing consent, fun, and desires to keeping healthy downstairs, this book covers it all. Mangaldas encourages readers to embrace their sexuality with respect and confidence. So, if you are confused, curious, or want to spice things up with your partner, this book has covered everything!

  • "Sexual Intelligence - What We Really Want From Sex And How To Get It" by Marty Klein

Offering insights on navigating sexual relationships and desire, this book provides practical advice for partners who want to enhance their intimacy while also emphasising understanding and communication.

  • "Bonk - The Curious Coupling Of Science And Sex" by Mary Roach

 This book takes an informative and humorous look at the practical and scientific study of sex. It is also incredibly insightful, as the author has conducted extensive contemporary and historical research on sex.

  • "The Ethical Slut - A Practical Guide To Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures" by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy

This book on relationships guides readers on ethical relation and consensual non-monogamy, advocating readers on honesty, self-awareness and communication.

  • "She Comes First - The Thinking Man's Guide To Pleasuring A Woman" by Ian Kerner

It focuses on different techniques for uplifting the pleasure of females during sexual intercourse, advocating for an integrated approach to satisfaction and intimacy.

  • "The State Of Affairs - Rethinking Infidelity" by Esther Perel

The book examines disloyalty and its impact on modern severe relationships while exploring the complexities of intimacy, betrayal and desires.


  • "The Guide To Getting It On" by Paun Joannides

This is a detailed guide that covers everything from techniques and anatomy to consent and communication, making it a must-have for a person who wants to enhance their sexual skills.

  • "The Hite Report - A Nationwide Study Of Female Sexuality" by Shere Hite

This book explores the sexuality of women through surveys and interviews. It brings essential conversations about the sexual pleasure and autonomy of women.

  • "Mating In Captivity - Unlocking Erotic Intelligence" by Esther Perel

This book explores the essentials of maintaining intimacy and desires in long-term relationships, offering information about the interplay between passion and love. 

  • "What You Really Really Want - The Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide To Sex And Safety" by Jaclyn Friedman

It empowers women to navigate different sexual encounters safely and communicate bonders of intimacy. 

  • "The Vaginal Bible - The Vulva And The Vagina - Separating The Myth From The Medicine" by Jennifer Gunter

This book aims to dispel the myths around the anatomy of females and offers a practical guide for better health of the vagina.

  • "The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession With Virginity Is Hurting Young Women" by Jessica Valenti

The book very well highlights the societal pressure around virginity and how it impacts women. It also encourages women to ignore such and accept their sexual needs.

  • "Sex Outside The Lines - Authentic Sexuality In A Sexual Dysfunctional Culture" by Chris Donaghue 

It critiques all the cultural norms present around sex and advocates the readers for acceptance and authenticity of sexual desires.

  • "The History Of Sexuality" by Michel Foucault

This book offers a groundbreaking analysis of how knowledge, power and discourse shape experiences of sexuality throughout history, challenging the conventional understanding of regulations of sexuality.

  • "The Multi-Orgasmic Man - Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know" by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams 

The book has one aim - to teach men techniques from the traditions of Taoism to uplift the sexual energy and pleasure of men.

  • "My Secret Garden - Women's Sexual Fantasies" by Nancy Friday

This book dives into the world of sexual fantasies of women through stories and interviews to help readers understand that there is nothing wrong with being sexually aroused.

  • "Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns - The Romance And Sexual Sorcery Of Sadomasochism" by Philip Miller

 As eye-catching as the name of the book is, it is a perfect guide to understanding the practices of BDSM in long-term relationships and focusing on communication and safety for a better experience.

  • "Sexual Fluidity - Understanding Women's Love And Desire" by Lisa M. Diamond

 This book discusses the fluid and versatile nature of women's sexuality and draws attention to personal sexual stories and research.

  • "Sex At Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, And What It Means For Modern Relationships" by Christopher Ryan And Cacilda Jetha

The book expertly explores how human sexuality and relationships have evolved over time and challenged the most common beliefs about monogamy.

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So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the depths of desire and let the exploration begin! Who knows what erotic adventures await as you journey through these illuminating books on sex? Get ready to turn up the heat and make some unforgettable memories in the bedroom and beyond!