SEX Education - Importance for Indian Youth

SEX Education - Importance for Indian Youth

We have all been conditioned to think that sex is a taboo topic, and thinking or even talking about it openly is nothing short of a sin!  But before we accept these notions, let's take a step back and try to unpack the ignorance and shame that surrounds physical intimacy. 

sex education awareness in youth

The absence of open dialogue and sex education in India makes individuals, especially young people, vulnerable to misinformation, which greatly hinders their ability to make well-informed decisions about their sexual health and physical relationships.

Irrespective of the importance of sex education for Indian youth, it remains a highly sensitive and neglected topic. But before we get into why young people deserve to learn about sex, it is also worth noting that sexuality is a personal and profound aspect of identity, not just an act that takes place between two people in a dark room for the purposes of reproduction, and that pleasure can be celebrated and explored first and foremost by nurturing an understanding and connection with your own body.  

Now, let's get started and talk in detail about the status of sex education in India and why it matters. 

What Is SEX Education?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of sex education, it would be great to take a broader view of the subject. 

Sex education doesn’t just focus on the mechanisms of the act of intercourse, but also makes you understand sexual empowerment, consent, pleasure, and mutual respect. So, let's get down to it and talk in detail about the ABCs of sex education. Believe us, in this class, learning can be anything but boring!

The interplay of sexuality and education paves the way for you to make informed choices in terms of your sex life that promote well-being and respect for yourself and others. From learning about contraceptive methods and STIs to understanding the importance of consent, pleasure and healthy relationships, comprehensive sex education covers it all. It pivots around the idea of empowering young people to take charge of their sexual health and make decisions that resonate with their values, state of mind and beliefs. 

Indeed, studies have shown that young people who can turn to a parent, teacher, or care giver for scientifically accurate, judgement-free information about sex are more likely to delay having sex, and less likely to take chances with their own or another person’s health or safety.

We truly believe that sex education is a vital component of comprehensive health education for young people across the globe.

What Is The State of Sex Education In India?

Let us take a look at the current scenario with regard to sex education in Indian schools: 

  • Social Norms

The society in our country favours conservatism to a certain extent and opposes sex education. We do see people advocating for yoga in schools as it is rooted to our traditional values but sex education is kept at an arm's distance even by many parents, teachers, doctors, and the like, due to a high regard for abstinence, heteronormativity, gendered double standards, endogamy, and the notion that sex is “shameful” “dirty” and “corrupting.”  Women’s sexuality, queer sexuality, and an ac

  • Hopefully A Brighter Future Lies Ahead

The current government has introduced an adolescent health education curriculum in 2018 in an effort to combat the prevalence of HIV in India. Homosexuality was also finally decriminalised in India in 2018. These are baby steps and a lot remains to be done. And for that we need to all advocate for equitable sexual and reproductive health and rights and comprehensive sexuality education for all.


  • Harnessing The Power Of Internet

In the internet era, online platforms have become a key source of information about sex for young people. Given that parents and schools too often fail to provide information on the subject, readily available free internet porn too often becomes the stand in. And while porn can have it’s benefits, learning about sex from porn is like learning to drive by watching The Fast And The Furious. Therefore the influx of credible sexuality education content creators like Leeza Mangaldas, health information forums, and publications dedicated to comprehensive sex education provide a much needed alternative. Equipping young people with the knowledge and context that porn is not sex education but rather a form of adult entertainment, often laden with violence and misogyny,  as well as equipping them with the media literacy skills to discern between credible information and misinformation online, is vital.

What Is The Importance Of Sex Education For Youth

There are a number of advantages of sex education that make it an integral part of the holistic educational  landscape:

  • Empowering Individuals

Comprehensive sex education is a vital medium via which to empower youth with the correct knowledge about sex that can have long standing implications for their sexual health, well-being, and promote healthy and mutually satisfying relationships

  • It Can Help Save Lives As well

One of the most profound factors that elucidates the importance of sex education is that it can reduce unsafe sexual behaviours such as unprotected sex and lower the instances of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. By understanding the risks that come with sex as well as what can be done to mitigate them, youngsters can help in making our society a safer and more progressive place to live, love, and thrive. 

  • Debunks Misconceptions

The right kind of education can dispel myths and misconceptions about sex, sexuality, culture and gender. By providing substantial and evidence-based information we can help our youth to understand sexuality, sexual health, and identity  without shame and judgement. 

  • It Is Great For Mental Health

The ambit of sex education covers topics like body image, self-esteem, emotional well-being, gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationships,  that can reinforce your overall mental health and empower you to see yourself and others more authentically.

  • Promotes Equality

Teaching young people about sex, in a gender equal, queer inclusive, pleasure positive way, can help them break old stereotypes, and end discrimination. This fosters a more equitable society and also promotes respect for diversity.

Understanding Your Role in Spreading Awareness among Teens

Here is a categorical take on the responsibilities that are incumbent upon different sectors of the society for providing sex education for youth. 

importance of sex education in youth

  • Parents’ Role in Sex Education 

Parents play an instrumental role in providing sex education to the kids.  They do so by making sure that the kids get accurate information, get an opportunity to engage in open communication in a supportive environment. This allows children to understand what is sex, and they also start having conversations about puberty, sexuality, and relationships. As children get older, parents can gradually increase the complexity of discussions. By addressing questions and concerns with honesty and respect, parents can help their children develop a healthy attitude towards sex. 

  • Role of Indian schools in Sex education  

Indian schools should also do their part to provide sex education for youth beyond the ambit of basic biology and touch upon topics like consent and gender identity.  Schools can facilitate discussions, workshops, and various peer led activities to create a safe learning environment for kids. This is instrumental in enabling students to tackle issues related to sexuality with confidence and grace.

  • Role Of Social Media in Sex Education

Social media platforms have an intimate potential to positively and negatively influence the perception around  sex education among young people. From providing access to valuable resources and support networks, it can also dole out harmful myths, and misinformation. To that end, educators and health professionals can create informative and engaging content that interests teens while providing the necessary information. Moreover, it is advisable for parents to respectfully monitor their child’s online activities, and also give them the liberty to discuss the nature of any kind of content that they encounter.

Series and movies related to sex education

You can check out the following series on Netflix or other streaming channels to deepen your understanding about sex education in an entertaining way:

Sex Education-Netflix

This series explores complex themes related to sexuality and personal growth. It also talks about sex toys as a safe means of sexual exploration and pleasure. 

Tips To Improve Sex Awareness In Youth

Here are some of the best tips that can help in increasing sex awareness in youth: 

  • Open Communication

Parents and teachers need to encourage youth to have open and honest conversations about sex. When we create a safe space for dialogue, it allows people to express themselves and receive accurate information about intimacy and sexual health.

  • Access To Reliable and Informative Resources

Youngsters should be able to access age-appropriate resources on sex education. This includes websites, books, and educational materials that cover a wide range of topics related to sexuality. This kind of access is very important for keeping youngsters from getting their information solely from mainstream porn or other unverified and explicit sources.

  • Destigmatize Conversations Around Sexuality

We should strive towards creating an environment where communication about sex and sexuality is destigmatized and normalised. When we foster a culture of acceptance, people feel more comfortable in exploring their sexuality and identity without fear of discrimination.

  • Encourage Youth To Take An Active Part In Promoting Sex Awareness

Peer educators and various youth-led groups present an opportunity for youngsters to take an active role in promoting sex education and awareness. In addition to awareness, it also empowers youngsters  to become agents of change in society. 


A well charted structure of comprehensive sex education plays a defining role in shaping the well-being and future of Indian youth and our collective society. As India continues to evolve, it is imperative that sex education should become a priority, to ensure that every young person has the knowledge and resources that they need to lead informed and empowered lives. 

In an implicit or explicit way, our society has often taught youngsters to suppress their sexual curiosities and desires. In light of this, Leezu’s aims to empower people to make joyful yet safe decisions in the bedroom and to discover their authentic sexual selves, without shame.