How to Clean Your Sex Toys? Best Practices to Keep your Sex Toys Safe and Sanitary

How to Clean Your Sex Toys? Best Practices to Keep your Sex Toys Safe and Sanitary

Welcome to Leezu's guide on how to clean your sex toys — we'll dive into the importance of cleaning, materials used in sex toys, various cleaning methods, recommended products, and the broader context of sexual health and hygiene.
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POV: It’s a Sunday morning, you’re lazing around, you open your night stand, and there she is. The Pyaari Massager: exactly what you need for a relaxing Sunday. But hold on. Before you get down and dirty, you’ve got to remember to clean it 😉

You know how athletes prep before they play? Cleaning sex toys is exactly like that. It is an essential step that needs to be taken both before and after playtime. So let’s understand why you need to clean your sex toys, and how best  to clean them. 

In the recent past, the conversation around sexual wellness has evolved. Exploring pleasure, and all aspects of it, is no longer a taboo. And we’re all for it! Sex toys not only enhance our pleasure, but also contribute to our overall well-being.

However, as with anything that comes into direct contact with our bodies, ensuring proper hygiene is crucial. Welcome to Leezu's guide on how to clean your sex toys — we'll dive into the importance of cleaning, materials used in sex toys, various cleaning methods, recommended products, and the broader context of sexual health and hygiene.


While the excitement of using sex toys is undeniable, the importance of cleaning them may get lost on some. A lot of beginners may be unaware of how to clean sex toys, how to clean silicone toys versus glass and steel toys, how to clean anal sex toys…the questions are endless once you begin to ask them. It really is a wonderful rabbit hole to dive into. So that’s what we’re here for. We’ll walk you through the process. But before we do that, let’s understand why it’s so important to keep your toys clean.

Why do we get our homes mopped and cleaned every day? Because dust and dirt collects. Same case with sex toys. Residual body fluids, dust, lint from clothes and bed sheets, bacteria invisible to the naked eye — you wouldn’t want all this left behind on a product that you’ll be using again and again on your most intimate parts, right?

And there we go. This is why we need clean sex toys. Properly cleaned sex toys not only ensure a pleasurable experience but also safeguard your health and hygiene. Imagine your favorite toy as a portal to pleasure; look after it with love and care. Regular cleaning not only maintains the longevity of your toys but also promotes responsible and safe sexual exploration.



Oh yes, it does! Sex toys come in a variety of materials. Each material requires specific care to maintain their quality and safety. Common materials include silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, and metal. 

The Pyaari Massager and the  Hulchul Massager from Leezu’s are made of soft, smooth, body-safe silicone that is non-porous and washable, and therefore extremely easy to clean. Body-safe silicone is also hypoallergenic. Which means they are easy on the body as well as unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.

To clean silicone sex toys, you can use a specialized sex toy cleaner or a mild hand or body soap, and water. It’s that simple. Then towel dry it and store it in a clean pouch. The same is also the case for toys made of materials like rubber, plastic, and TPE. Don’t use alcohol based cleaners, and make sure to thoroughly dry your toys before storing them, either by gently patting dry with a clean towel, or by leaving them on a towel to air dry for a little while before putting them away.

A big no-no is to leave any motorized toy submerged in water over a long duration. You can wash them under a tap, and if the user manual says that the toy is shower friendly, then you can go ahead and have some shower time fun too! But be careful not to leave motorized toys soaking in water over a long period of time. You don’t want water to mess with the motor, battery, or charging port. 

Materials like glass and stainless steel on the other hand, are typically used for non-motorized toys like plain and simple non-vibrating dildos and butt plugs. Non-motorized glass and steel toys can be sterilized in boiling water. These materials are thus especially great for anal toys as those tend to require more careful sterilization. Bacteria like E-Coli, that hangs out in the gut, can transfer onto anal toys during use and so it’s important to sterilize the toy before using it on another body part like the vagina, as well as between uses.  (Obviously, motorized toys go nowhere near boiling water! It’s just extra thorough washing with soap and water for those ones! )


Different types of sex toys demand slightly different cleaning approaches. Different shapes of the toys also result in customizing the approach for each toy.

For example, the Pyaari Massager is shaped quite uniquely. This versatile toy caters to a wide audience with its two ends: one with suction and one with vibration. It comes with different speeds and patterns as well, to let you have complete control over your experience. When cleaning this delightful toy, the pink suction end needs to be washed gently but thoroughly. You DO NOT need to use your nails or any sharp object to clean inside the suction end. Just let the water pressure of the running water from the tap in your sink, and the frothiness of soap lather do its magic. 

When cleaning a penis stroker or sleeve made of TPE, again, be gentle but thorough. In order to feel skin-like, TPE material is ultra soft and squishy– so don’t use your nails or anything sharp with these either as you may damage the toy. Just use the pads of your fingers to soap up the toy inside and out, and wash thoroughly with running water. As always, make sure the toy is completely dry before storing. You don’t want mildew growing inside your stroker because you didn’t clean out your jizz properly, or because you put it away while it was still all wet! 😅

The magic words are: Clean thoroughly but gently; and don’t forget to dry your toys!


Now that we know how to clean sex toys, how to clean silicone sex toys and how to clean anal sex toys, let's understand how frequently to clean them.

The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you use your sex toys. As a general rule, clean them before and after each use. After is non-negotiable. 

Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of bacteria, and residual lubricant and body fluids. Even if you're the sole user of a toy, bacteria can still multiply over time if you don’t clean your toys, leading to potential health risks. We don't want that, do we?


Choosing the right cleaning products is vital to maintaining the quality of your sex toys. Opt for a specialized toy cleaner and if that is not available, clean sex toys with mild soap and warm water. That should do the trick.

Make sure to read the fine print on any cleaning products, even if it is the best product to clean sex toys. This is to avoid any adverse reactions with your body. If there are any ingredients you are allergic to, never use that to clean your toy.

Most toys come with a user manual with instructions on how to use  it. Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations to prevent damaging the toy. For example, a silicone toy must not be used with a silicone-based gel or lubricant because silicone lube can degrade silicone sex toys over time. Similarly, oil based lubes can degrade TPE (the ultra squishy skin-like material commonly used for penis sleeves and strokers) over time. Know the materials your toys are made of, know the ingredients your lubes and cleaners are made of, and only combine products that are compatible with each other. 


This goes without saying, but we will say it anyway. Only because it is that important. Clean sex toys aren't just about maintaining the toys themselves; they play a significant role in safeguarding our sexual health.

Prioritizing both your health, your pleasure, and your hygiene,  is an act of self-care. And we love that journey for you.


Exploring your desires with sex toys can be a transformative journey towards self-discovery and pleasure. By integrating the best practices for cleaning and maintenance, you're enhancing your experience and prioritizing your well-being. Leezu's commitment to sexual wellness extends to providing you with quality products like the Pyaari Massager, and we believe it is our responsibility not only to let you know how best to take care of your toys, but also, always, to encourage you to love and care for yourself.

As you embark on this exciting adventure of pleasure, remember that care goes a long way!

We want you to be able to explore, without a worry in sight. Embrace the joy of discovery, the delight of pleasure, and the peace of mind that comes with being well informed about your safety, health and hygiene!