The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas
The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas
The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas
The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas
The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas
The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas

The Sex Book By Leeza Mangaldas Signed copies of Leeza’s bestselling book

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Are my genitals normal?

Does size matter?

Award-winning sex educator Leeza Mangaldas delivers scientifically accurate, judgement-free answers to your most seemingly awkward questions about sex and the body in this informative and delightful book.

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Publisher: HarperCollins India (17 October 2022)
Language: English
Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 935629223X
ISBN-13: 978-9356292239
Dimensions: 19.7 x 2.3 x 13 cm

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Customer Reviews

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Parth J.
Must have.

A book which one must have.
It has everything summed up which one needs to know about. Too thankful for your contribution.

damn interesting and fun to read

Love this book because you can turn to any page and learn something new. It is structured with questions and topics so it’s easy to find the topics you want to know about and the perspectives are so intelligent and compassionate in their approach to sex and the body


Really helpful!!

So helpful!

This book really puts a lot of things into perspective!

Pdianghun B.

The Sex Book

Deep dive into human sensuality with a book by Leeza Mangaldas, a revolutionary resource that delves courageously into the depths of intimacy. With regards to the human body, this book on intimacy offers scientifically correct and judgement-free answers to all your burning questions. With tempting insights refined through years of intense study, 'The Leeza Mangaldas Book' satisfies curiosity, closes knowledge gaps, and gives readers the confidence and exciting understanding of all the intimate issues to embrace sensual well-being.

Meet The Author - Leeza Mangaldas

Award-winning intimacy educator Leeza Mangaldas is well known for her courageous investigation of human sensuality. She aims to advance seductive well-being and approaches complex topics to pass information of physical intimacy with compassion and scientific truth. Her thorough examination of subjects ranging from anatomy and hygiene to consent, masturbation, and contraception demonstrates her extensive knowledge. Through her art, the self exploration book, a passionately curated read, Mangaldas hopes to de-stigmatize discussions about sensuality and give people the confidence and understanding to appreciate who they are as a person!


Leeza Mangaldas, an award winning intimacy educator, delves deep into the world of sexuality and her passion to promote intimate well-being in India is making waves in this regard.  She tackles complex topics around intimacy with compassion and scientific accuracy. From anatomy to consent, self-pleasure, and contraception, she leaves no stone unturned. Her masterpiece; the self exploration book, is a heartfelt invitation to embrace sensuality without shame. Mangaldas aims to spark conversations that have long been alluded to in hush-hush tones and empower everyone to embrace their sexuality with confidence and understanding.

Why Read The Book On Intimacy By Leeza Mangaldas?

Reading Leeza Mangaldas Book takes you on a journey where stigma gives way to understanding and taboo meets truth. Here are the best reasons to give this book a read:

  • Thorough Exploration

Our sensuality book addresses intimacy-related societal conventions, cultural attitudes, anatomy, and physiology.

  • Educational Value

This self discovery book is exciting and educational, combining sensitivity, comedy, and scientific accuracy.

  • Normalising Conversations

Eliminates myths and taboos to promote a more positive and accepting attitude towards talking about desires and eroticism.  

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